Powerful Guided Meditations to Start and End Your Day

When you are beginning or enhancing your mindfulness and stress reduction practices, guided meditation is a great way to build your skill. The current literature on leadership, including many books and the Harvard Business Review, all describe the benefits of meditation for CEOs and other business leaders. Use the Audio Power Duo to try it for yourself!

The Audio Power Duo

Dr. Wini designed two daily audio guided meditation tools for you.

Both audios are short and powerful. Use these tools regularly to create new habits that support you to have the life and business you desire and deserve.

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Focus Your Energy for the Day

Begin with confidence.The AM (morning) audio will help you start the day clear and focused. Choose how you will Be for the day. Doing flows from Being. In addition, you will get a way to keep going back to that focus if you slip.

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De-Stress and Relax for Restful Sleep

End with Peace of Mind. The PM (night time) audio is designed to help calm a busy mind, let go of the day, and drop into a deep restful sleep. The bonus is you will develop a positive internal conversation about your day to balance any internal or external criticism you may be holding on to.


About Dr. Curley

For 28 years, Wini worked as an expert environmental toxicologist and consultant, cleaning up hazardous waste sites. Now, she helps business leaders cleanup their internal toxic attitudes and beliefs so they achieve success with less stress. She loves seeing her clients implement and integrate their Ah-ha insights and embody the life they long for.

Known as the Clarity and Change Catalyst, Wini offers practical programs that can be implemented right away to create positive changes that last. Since she provides sound advice and workable solutions, her clients come back to her repeatedly as they face new challenges.

One long-term client said, "It doesn't take Wini long to hone in on exactly what has you stuck or tied in knots. If you follow her amazing insights and recommendations, you can get past it pretty fast.”